Handy Uninstaller

Handy Uninstaller 1.1

Get rid of programs in double quick time


  • Very fast at loading programs
  • Categorizes programs by type


  • Doesn't give info about all programs installed

Very good

There's no doubt that the 'Add/Remove Programs' dialogue in Windows is painfully slow - it takes ages to load up all the Service Packs and programs that are installed.

Handy Uninstaller is a tool specifically designed to remove unwanted programs in a much quicker way. Handy Uninstaller looks and feels like Windows Add/Remove dialogue but it works much quicker and most helpfully, it classifies programs into different categories such as audio, games, networking, security etc.

Handy Uninstaller eliminates folders, registry entries and pretty much anything else left behind by programs. However, it doesn't really give you much info about mysterious entries in your program list. Using this uninstaller, it would be very easy to accidentally remove components or programs that you didn't mean to.

If you're left cold by Windows Add/Remove dialogue and want something quicker and leaner to clean up your PC. Handy Uninstaller is a speedy solution.

Handy Uninstaller


Handy Uninstaller 1.1

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